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This website aims to provide foreigners with comprehensive and timely information with regards to their teaching and study in Beijing. With Beijing's successful winning of its bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing Municipal Education Commission sincerely hopes that this website could become a bridge that connects Beijing educational system with the rest of the world and that it could also further contribute to Beijing's educational exchanges and cooperation with other foreign countries and cities.

Beijing is striving to become a modern international metropolis. In order to help foreigners learn more about Beijing's education, we will provide you with the general information on Beijing's education, the latest development, and educational programs especially designed for foreigners through this website. We sincerely hope that you could visit Beijing and that you could also contribute to the development Beijing's education with your valuable ideas and advice. It is my fervent hope that you could lend your support to our website. I appreciate your kind attention. Thank you.


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